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Vintage 1985 18K yellow gold, Cartier Santos men’s watch

Vintage 1985 18K yellow gold, Cartier Santos men’s watch

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Description : This is a discontinued Cartier 'Santos' watch. The original Santos watch was created by Louis Cartier in 1904 to help aviators tell time mid-flight. This edition timepiece was purchased in 1985 by Geoffrey Scott, the TV actor who was best known for his character on Dynasty among a number of other roles. The watch's provenance comes with complete service records, independent appraisals, and an authentication from Cartier. It is solid 18KY gold and has the square face, sapphire cabochon crown, and exposed screws typically known of this style of watch. This is a rare item once owned by an accomplished actor! The provenance on this stunning timepiece is impeccable. DESIGN #81756788 SERIAL #8296XXXXXX OWNED BY ACTOR GEOFFREY SCOTT

Item Number : 10329-5

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