About Us

 Sherry is our store manager and an artistic soul with a love of Georgian jewelry. She longs for a large rose cut diamond ring and a Georgian posey ring engraved with an intimate and enchanting sentiment.

Hanna makes every jewel look runway ready on her statuesque frame. She enjoys layering striking and unique new combinations with pendants and chains from different eras.

Matthew is our resident fashion expert. He will make you laugh and share with you details on his phenomenal wardrobe choices. A lover of sterling silver he admires the natural patina that occurs over time. Always a sunny personality and always willing to help every client that walks in our door. 

Linda is our website & photography specialist and is a master of many mediums sharing her talents with us. She falls in love with each new piece she photographs. 

Whitney is a restorationist and a devotee of the Art Nouveau era. All of her jewelry must glow under black light. Uranium glass is her passion!

 Theresa the owner prefers all things sparkly and will juxtapose Brutalist, Art Deco and Art Nouveau rings on the same hand. If she likes it, she wears it!