About Us

Betsy/Manager has a passion for mid-century modern jewels and craves an Andrew Grima 1970’s Brutalist Amethyst and Diamond ring.


Sherry/Jewelry Professional is an artistic soul with a love of Georgian jewelry and longs for a large rose cut diamond ring and a Georgian poesy ring engraved with an enchanting sentiment.


Madison/Jewelry Professional has an affinity for mid-century modern and her heart’s desire is a yellow gold brutalist pendant with carved lapis and diamonds.


Carol/ was a flapper in Paris in a previous life. She loves the statement making Art Deco diamond rings to wear on every finger.


Michel/Interior Designer and Sales Professional firmly believes that there should be much more men’s jewelry in the world! 


Whitney/Restorationist is a devotee of the Art Nouveau era. All of her jewelry must glow under black light! Uranium glass is her passion!


Theresa/Owner prefers all things sparkly and will juxtapose brutalist designs with Art Deco rings on the same hand. If she likes it, she wears it and so should you!