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Art Deco 14KY gold pocket watch

Art Deco 14KY gold pocket watch

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Description : Germinal Voltaire watches trace their origins to 1848 when it began as MEYER FRERES. In 1895 PICARD & CIE registered trademarks for watches and watch parts, in 1901 the company was reformed under the same name. The trademarks of BLUM & FRERES MEYER were transferred to Picard & Cie after 1902. By 1915, the company was known as Fabrique Germinal. By this point, the company was producing and selling all sorts of innovative timepieces including some of the first wristwatches, ultra-flat pocket watches, and chronographs. Germinal was known for its specialty timepieces for its driver, aviator, engineer, and doctor consumers. All ‘Germinal’ watches were produced by Picard & Fils, Fabrique Germinal, SA La Chaux de Fonds. Their USA representatives were: Germinal-Voltaire Watches Vulcain Watch Co. of North America, New York, N. Y. This beautiful pocketwatch is solid 14KY gold and in absolute pristine condition. It is 44mm round and even though has a simple dial the level of sophistication in its simplicity is perceptible.

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