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Victorian Italian sterling silver and glass micromosaic pin

Victorian Italian sterling silver and glass micromosaic pin

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Description : The dove is a symbol of peace, however there is a glint in this dove's eye. Micromosaic is a process that starts with the ancient process of Italian glass making. The strands of glass are called tesserae. These micro thin strands are then painstakingly cut into lengths, colors and shapes and then inserted into a design such as the one seen here. It is an incredibly detailed process, but in some ways can be seen like a pointellist painting, where each dot of color creates an image with highlights, shading and a defined, specific form. This 25mm round beauty is such a classic example of glass micromosaic. Fighting with someone? This dove could be the perfect peace making gift needed to offer an olive branch.

Item Number : 10387-5

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Brand : CF

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