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Victorian Zeus lava cameo brooch/watch pin

Victorian Zeus lava cameo brooch/watch pin

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Description : To wear a crown of laurel leaves in Greece and Rome, meant you were victorious in battle. Expertly hand carved circa 1850. The look on his face is contemplative, as if reflecting. This 38mm carving is open set in a gold filled bezel and has the hook for a watch. Interestingly enough, brown lava is derived from its specific cooling temperature, which will determine the final color of the rock. Lava can be found in a variety of colors. Today, brown lava means stability, and strength which would make sense in depicting a victorious leader. The narrative and language of each piece of jewelry can tell its history, and its intention for the market. This pin is clearly a story of leadership and heroism. Certainly it is a one of a kind statement to wear.

Item Number : 10387-6

Category : PIN

Brand : CF

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