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Modern Brass Bill Worrell 'Shaman' pin

Modern Brass Bill Worrell 'Shaman' pin

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Description : We offer our condolences to the family regarding the passing of multi-talented artist, Bill Worrel in 2021. His sculptures and jewelry are still the top selling pieces in the Southwest 'Rock Art' genre. His joyous, prayerful sculptures were on a massive scale, sometimes towering 12 feet tall or more, designed and created with the same attention to detail he would give to a miniature piece of jewelry. His first trip down the Pecos River revealed petroglyphs on the rock walls that inspired him to explore their shapes, forms and meaning. This pin is a signed Bill Worrell and depicts a shaman in flight. Shamans were known to interact with the spirit world. Here the shaman holds his magical tools in his hands. Bill's sculptures large and small, brought 'rock art' to life. Made of bronze with patina this pin measures 70mm long and 16mm wide.

Item Number : 6578-811

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Brand : CF

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