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Victorian 18KY gold and agate Nubian Portrait Cameo

Victorian 18KY gold and agate Nubian Portrait Cameo

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Description : Cameos were originally fashioned in shell, glass or agate as a bas-relief seal of a person of nobility or a mytholgical being. They were widely popular and in vogue during the time of Queen Victoria. The French had several colonies in the 1800's on the African continent including the French Sudan. Nubia was an area originally located in southern Sudan and Northern Egypt. Nubian settlements have been found as far back as 7,000 BCE and some consider the Nubian peoples as having been born from the cradle of civilization in the central Nile Valley. Considered 'people of the bow', they were noted for their finely honed skills with bow and arrow. This 70mm cameo depicts an astonishing realistic likeness of a Nubian woman. Every subtle detail of her lifelike facial features is carved into the gradient layers of the banded agate. The gold wire for her hair adornment has worn away, and her necklace has vanished over the 150 years of this cameo's existance. Her gold hoop earring glows and is caught at the moment it sways. There is so much life and historic intrigue in this piece of jewelry. Made to be worn as a pendant, she represents Nubian pride and cultural history.

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