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Victorian 14KY gold Essex crystal pin

Victorian 14KY gold Essex crystal pin

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Description : Essex crystal has a long history in England and France. The first production of this style of jewelry was found to be around 1860 England, however there is a family named Prader in Paris that also was known for developing the technique. Coincident was an optics company named Thomas Cooke, who was also creating these miniature works of wearable art. Most often, a piece of mother of pearl was affixed to the metal, and then a cabochon of genuine etched quartz crystal is carved in a dome shape and 'back' painted. This allowed the image inside to be magnified and appear 3-dimensioinal. In this and many cases, they were portraits of somebody's pet, lovingly memorialized like a photograph. The dog here appears to be a German shepherd, and is astonishingly articulate. The glow inside this time capsule is yet vibrant with an image.of somebody's good boy. The tongue and teeth are amazing. Please know you must never clean Essex Crystal, as the image could be washed away.

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