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Victorian 14KY gold, diamond and Guilloché enamel watch

Victorian 14KY gold, diamond and Guilloché enamel watch

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Description : Guilloché is an enameling process that truly boggles the mind. This lovely woman's watch is such a great example. The base of the piece of jewelry is formed in metal, and then a pattern is turned on a mill machine to create a repetetive series of decorative engraving. The engraving is then covered with the enamel and when examined, the pattern glows like magic under the translucent brilliant blue. In this watch, there are also metal details adorned with a host of tiny rose cut natural diamond mellee. The crystal face is in perfect condition, as is the enamel. The process produces truly breathtaking results. This petite pocket watch or pendant is 30mm in diameter.

Item Number : 10387-7

Category : PENDANT

Brand : CF

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