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Victorian 15KY gold, seed pearl, diamond British brooch

Victorian 15KY gold, seed pearl, diamond British brooch

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Description : The story of the seed pearl in Great Britain is indeed an interesting one. The tiny pearls represent the tears in mourning jewelry, but were also referred to as the starter pearls used in a fresh water mussel or saltwater oyster for culturing a larger pearl. Weighing less than a quarter grain, seed pearls were generally from India or China, and highly prized, especially in the time of Queen Victoria from 1837-1901. This pendant is lovely 15K yellow gold and every pearl except for one is intact. This piece has been modified with jump rings and 1.5mm cable chain to become a pendant. The color gradient of the pearls is so very delicate, and highly considered. A luminescent pearly moon with a feisty star holding a round mine cut diamond in the center, stretches from 30mm tall to 33mm wide. Pearl is the birthstone for June, Diamond is for April- 18" long

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