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Victorian 14KRose Gold, amethyst and seed pearl locket pendant

Victorian 14KRose Gold, amethyst and seed pearl locket pendant

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Description : Granulation is an ancient metalsmithing process that requires a tremendous amount of patience. Small clippings of karat gold that when heated, roll into a ball. Each piece must be the same size, the balls are then fused to the back plate surface of the metal. No solder is used. This locket pendant is handmade and a masterpiece of craftsmanship. The precisioin of technique that it would require to fashion every ball, and fuse them perfectly spaced in perfect groups of four is nearly inconceivable. It certainly produces a very unique textural effect. The faceted oval amethyst is approximately 12mm x 10mm in size, and bezel set on the cover of the 30mm x 40mm locket. 8, 3mm round cultured pearls are prong set evenly around the center stone. The interior is waiting for its next guests. A lovely gift for someone born in June which is pearl, or February, which is amethyst.

Item Number : 9000-305

Category : PENDANT

Brand : CF

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