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Victorian 14KYellow gold and enamel brooch/pendant

Victorian 14KYellow gold and enamel brooch/pendant

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Description : Papillon means butterfly in French. The gossamer iridescent wings of the butterfly are re-created in an enamel technique that uses foil in this incredible portrait of a woman. The shine on her dress and head adornment is magical. Enamel is finely crushed glass that is heated and then melted with brightly colored pigments. This piece is a Limoges portrait. Limoges is a city in France known for its fine porcelain clay. The condition of this convertible pendant and brooch is excellent. The hand signed gold, 'Made in France' says everything about this piece. It is 55mm long and 35mm wide. A brilliant image of a woman over 125 years ago, forever preserved in that moment in time.

Item Number : 9996-24

Category : PENDANT

Brand : CF

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