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Modern Sterling Silver Wolf head pendant with chain

Modern Sterling Silver Wolf head pendant with chain

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Description : What a portrait of the wolf's face! This hand fabricated sterling silver looks remarkably like the actual creature. This pendant is a power piece. It measures 110mm long by 80mm wide and is not for the faint of heart. Oxidized sterling silver is a technique that darkens recessed areas in sterling silver to show their shape and highlight their form. Bright green enamel was used to give the eyes a gleam, and highlight the nose. This pendant is hand signed, SK McClean. We would love to know more about this artist! A very moody, spirited piece of jewelry for someone who loves wolves. Colorado has re-introduced the wolf into our wilderness, having been eradicated for their destruction of farm animals and local wildlife. It was noted that the wolf played a critical part in the ecosystem of our state . They have been successful in their efforts, and Colorado is proud to have brought the wolf back to our land.

Item Number : 6578-693

Category : NECKLACE

Brand : CF

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