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Native American Sterling Silver and Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

Native American Sterling Silver and Coral Squash Blossom Necklace

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Description : Coral from the ocean, was not readily available in the American Southwest. It was introduced into the Native American culture through the influence of the Spanish when they came up from the South to the Native lands in the 1500's. Coral is a symbol of water, a precious resource that is a giver of life, and sustenance. Worn most often by the wealthy, Medicine Men and tribal elders. the significant amount of coral in this necklace is unusual. The Naja, is the centerpiece of any squash blossom necklace, and the blossoms adorn handmade silver beads on either side. The squash blossom imagery can be found in petroglyphs in the SouthWest, but is traced back specifically to the mid 1800's-also the Spanish influences and design motifs that migrated north. At 24" long this pristine cultural heirloom can be placed over the head easily, and worn with great pride, knowing its rich historical references.

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