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Victorian Sterling Silver Locket Pendant with Chain

Victorian Sterling Silver Locket Pendant with Chain

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Description : It is not often you see portrait photographic images of smiling people from the 1800's. Sometimes the sitting for the portrait was over an hour, which was untenable to hold as a facial expression, so traditionally the looks are quite sour. This one however, shows a man and a woman smiling. This sterling silver oval locket holds the secret to happiness! It is beautifully embossed with unique details indicative of its time. The 16" chain is such a nice addition to this 45mm long x 35mm locket. The latch still works perfectly, and this piece has a maker's stamp of T&S possibly EJ Trevitt and Sons from Birmingham, with the anchor, and Lion Passant. The lion holds his forefoot upraised, symbolizing his duty of guardianship. Hand crafted from over 140 years ago, in very good condition, this is a lovely memento.

Item Number : 10390-14

Category : NECKLACE

Brand : CF

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