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Victorian Gilt Bohemian Garnet Necklace

Victorian Gilt Bohemian Garnet Necklace

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Description : This necklace is an exquisite example of 19th century Bohemian garnet jewelry from the mid-Victorian Era. Garnets were among the most popular gemstones used in jewelry. Because of their resemblance to the Greek myth involving Persephone and pomegranate seeds, the garnet represents the safe return of a friend or loved one, and were said to protect travelers on their journey. They were often exchanged between friends as tokens that they would meet again. As with all of our pieces, this garnet necklace is pre-loved and sold in present condition which is superb, with no apparent damage to the gilded brass. All of the garnets are intact. The clasp is secure and in excellent working condition. A perfect, senuous gift for that January birthday.

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