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Modern Thai 22KY gold Baht earrings

Modern Thai 22KY gold Baht earrings

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Description : What is a Baht you ask? It is a measurement of Thai money equal to its gold weight. Many cultures wear their jewelry as familial wealth. The Baht is not only a style of jewelry but also a transactional method of paying bills. The gold content is generally about 97% but can vary slightly. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted to have specific gold content and weight. These earrings are not only familial wealth but also method of payment. Handmade in the traditional style of granulation, they are gorgeous and will always hold their value. They measure about 30mm in length and the posts are very secure, with really nice backs, so they sit on the ear perfectly.

Item Number : 10124-3

Category : EARRINGS

Brand : BAHT

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