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Modern 18KY gold, diamond, and flourite earrings

Modern 18KY gold, diamond, and flourite earrings

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Description : Flourite is found in many countries around the globe, but the largest deposits are in China and South Africa, however there are some mines here in the US as well. The Latin root for the word flourite means to flow, and then in 1852 the word also indicated the term 'to flouresce'. These teardrops are faceted top, flat backed rose cuts set in handmade 18KY gold bezels. A 2mm round faceted diamond sits on the top of the post earring. 18KY gold always looks so rich when it is a matte or satin surface. The properties of flourite are many, including emotional healing and spiritual balance.The earrings drop about 30mm down from the post, so they are modest in size but move very nicely!

Item Number : 399-118

Category : EARRINGS

Brand : CF

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