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Modern 18KY gold and green enamel 'cigar band' ring

Modern 18KY gold and green enamel 'cigar band' ring

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Description : Designed by Maz, the gold in this cigar band ring is over 12 grams. Originally the cigarband was the actual paper that went around the cigar wrapping. Each one was different, and a Corona was a style as well indicated the length of the cigar. A cigar band ring was shaped a particular way and was completely smooth on the interior. This size 7 ring does not disappoint. The enamal is pristine and the ring appears to have very little, if any wear. The sleek 18KY gold interior assures the wearer of a comfortable fit. The front of the ring spans 22mm from top to bottom, and tapers down to 8mm in the back of the shank. Wear a piece of Cuban history, that is inherently nostalgic.

Item Number : 6760-811

Category : RING

Brand : MAZ

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