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Victorian Sterling Silver, Onyx and Garnet Intaglio Seal and Pendant

Victorian Sterling Silver, Onyx and Garnet Intaglio Seal and Pendant

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Description : The question was asked, what does Washington, Lincoln and Garfield have in common? The answer is quite a few things! In addition to being elected Presidents, each has a school named after them. Lincoln and Garfield were both assassinated, and Washington was Lincoln's hero. The rest is left to history. This seal and pendant is an amazingly difficult creation. The onyx had to be cut perfectly, and then each president's portrait is carved into the surface accurately in fine detail. On the opposite side aretheir hand carved first initials. At some point the block of onyx had to be drilled so that a silver bar could be fitted through, and the onyx seal could pivot as they traditionally do. A stick of hot wax is melted into a small pool onto the surface of a document, and the seal is then pressed into the warm wax. This in itself is an art form, as pressing it exactly right and pulling the release at precisely the correct moment is a difficult process. The most amazing thing however that we see in this unique piece, is that a 3/8 inch bar of sterling silver was twisted perfectly into a shaft and sawn into a split, forged and hand pierced with a saw. This is such an intentional object one does wish to know more! Round 5mm red garnet cabochons embellish the edge of the pivot. The overall length is 80mm.

Item Number : 6760-372

Category : PENDANT

Brand : CF

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