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Mid-Victorian 18k and Blue Enamel Heart Earrings ca.1840-1860

Mid-Victorian 18k and Blue Enamel Heart Earrings ca.1840-1860

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Description : An exceptional pair of mid-Victorian blue enamel heart earrings in 18k yellow gold with split pearls ca. 1840-1860. The enameling is pristine, which is incredibly rare given the age of the piece. The reverse of these delightful hearts are crystal-faced lockets containing feathered hair work accented by gold bouillon. This extraordinary set of earrings are quite a find and are still on their original ear wires. While the earrings came to us from London, England, they are suspected to be originally fabricated in France. There are hallmarks on the jump-rings separating the two parts, one of which appears to be a highly worn right-facing eagle typical of French workmanship. This is not unusual given the age of the earrings. Truly one-of-a-kind and the perfect addition to your antique jewelry collection.

Item Number : 6760-187

Category : EARRINGS



Material : 18k yellow gold; enamel; split pearl; hair
Style : Victorian
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