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Victorian Gold filled silver photograph Locket

Victorian Gold filled silver photograph Locket

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Description : Silver was used for over 150 years in the photography world. The method was to apply a thin film of silver to the back of a piece of glass,or film, and expose it with light. The oxidation process took place, leaving highlights and darkening other areas of the image. This locket/pendant is a classic example of fine silver applied to glass. This couple are certainly interesting folks. Don't you wonder who they were? That is the mystique of the locket. The hand engraving on this gold filled 48mm round pendant is extraordinary, and depicts the skyline of a very specific town. Now we have the location and the images as clues, but certainly the initials MJE bear some relevance to this historical mystery. An object of great interest, and filled with historical reference would be a great gift for a lover of early process photography.

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