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Native American Petite Point Turquoise Zuni Silver Brooch

Native American Petite Point Turquoise Zuni Silver Brooch

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Description : The Zuni Tribe in northern New Mexico traded in salt corn and turquoise. They are known for their extraordinary petit point turquoise jewelry designs. Petit point is made in the same fashion as needlepoint. One end is rounded and the other is at a point. The hand cut and set turquoise stones are placed very closely together in bezels. This brooch features the teardrop shapes as well as round stones. The Zuni religion revolves around Earth Mother, Sun Father and Moonlight-Giving Mother. This pendant is in a radiant shape approximately 3 inches in diameter. It looks like the Sun! What an example of the exquisite Native American Jewelry Art. Unsigned.

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Brand : ZUNI

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