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Edwardian Sterling Silver, Marcasite and Chrysoprase 'Quizzing' Glasses

Edwardian Sterling Silver, Marcasite and Chrysoprase 'Quizzing' Glasses

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Description : Quizzing glasses have multiple functions. The first, was a single lens for intently looking at someone, or hence the term quizzing. This pair then opens up to become a pair of 'cheater' magnifying glasses that you can hold in front of your eyes with the magnificent, sparkling marcasite plume of feathers handle with a gorgeous glowing green 10mmx20mm chrysoprace centerpiece. There was a certain air about being 'quizzed' as if a subtle mockery, and as a wildly popular accessory the quizzing glass, either used singly or with both lenses sported a certain aplomb of attitude, with a bit of disdain or disapproval. In any case, which these come with the original, the condition of these glasses are spectacular, and appear to be nearly new after almost 100 years of existance. A very cool object with a lot of interesting history, there is always the question, who used these? Chrysoprase is an alternative birthstone for the sign of Gemini..the twin lenses reiterate this.

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