In the world of antique jewelry – where every piece comes with a past, a story, a personality of its own – Classic Facets enjoys an international reputation.  “For 32 years we have tried to grow with our customers, to give our very best service and share our extensive knowledge and expertise about our authentic antique jewelry” says owner, Mikki Rainey.  The store has more than 20,000 pieces from consignors in 37 states and ten countries.

“We welcome new consignors, ‘just lookers’ and buyers to enjoy our treasures,” adds Ms. Rainey.  “Since we never know when or what is coming in the door, our ever-changing inventory is as exciting to us as it is or our customers.”

Offering vintage costume, premiere estate and fine jewelry, Classic Facets has something for every price range and occasion – whether you’re popping the question, popping up an outfit or just popping by for fun. We’re definitely not your run of the “mall” store!

This website is used as a brief introduction to our store. We maintain a vigorous presence on our Facebook page and on Instagram. Watch our video below to get a brief orientation to our store and visit us on Watch our video below to get a brief orientation to our store and visit us on Facebook or Instagram to see some of the cool stuff we have on hand right now.



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